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My Skills

I am a professional voiceover artist, actress, writer, and creative storyteller.

My VO Skills:

  • video game and animated characters

  • audiobook narration

  • radio and TV commercials

  • e-learners

  • meditations

  • phone messages

  • AI voice

  • and absolutely anything voice! 

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  • Vimeo
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

My Story

A bit more about me:

My name, Chloë, means 'blooming and vibrant one; fresh young blossoms' and I like to think I really live into my name's meaning. I’ve been working as a professional voice over artist for almost 10 years, and have completed a large and extensive variety of projects during that time, ranging from every kind of TV and radio commercial, e-learning resources, corporate videos, food and beverage commercials, beauty and hair products, epic movie trailers, explainer videos, sleep meditations, thriller stories, podcast intros and outros, and anything you can think of. I work equally in a number of UK, US, Canadian, NZ and AU accents. 


I bring a relaxed authenticity to my work and I also enjoy making sure all the clients have a blast through the whole process. I believe that Story is King. I take on nuanced direction in order to ensure the message is powerfully told, taking the creative concept off the page and breathing the voice of life into it. 


Some of my recent clients:

  • ApplePay and Afterpay (NZ)

  • Schwarzkopf (AU and NZ)

  • Revlon skincare (NZ) 

  • Great Britain Travel Agency (UK)

  • Dimday Red videogame (Greece)

  • Rascal + Friends Nappies (NZ)

  • LoopNet (UK)

  • WGU Cybersecurity (USA)

  • Kokotree Kids Show (USA)

  • Paypenny (CA)

  • Tech NOMI (USA)

  • Pedras (Portugal)

  • Tower Insurance (NZ) 

  • Chorus Energy (NZ)

  • SpringForward Mental Health (AU)

  • Taom meditations (USA)

If you're looking for a VO artist to breathe life into your creative vision, a few things that might help as you make your hiring decision:

I have a Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic and MOTU M2 interface, and I record in a professionally-acoustically sound-insulated booth.


Turn-Around Time/Availability: I am available to start on your project right away, and I can deliver high quality, raw files within 24 hours. If needed, I can also provide same-day or overnight delivery, dependant on my deadlines. 


Live Directed Sessions: If needed I can participate in a live directed session via Zoom/Teams/Meet/Source Connect/Session Link Pro, or whichever platform that suits you. 


Feel free to reach out to me directly via the Contact Me tab, if you have any questions about me or my services. I hope you like what you hear on my site and it would be awesome to work with you on your project, now or in the future! 

Yours Sincerely,



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to use my voice and creativity. Please do reach out and let's connect.

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